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Is This True? – Gene-Edited Babies Started in China

Recent news has surprised some people, has even become a trend and debates have been started.

We know that genetics is a complicated area, where many scientists have spent their entire lives doing research on genetic disease cures or to achieve genetic improvements in people, even before they were born. Which many have thought is very crazy.

China Took The Flag

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But the day has come where a Chinese scientist has apparently discovered a way where he genetically modifies babies so that they don’t suffer from some diseases, specifically using one of the DNA components called Crispr.

MIT Technology Review was the magazine that revealed this, commenting that He Jiankui was the scientist who carried out this experiment, where even he said that he came to modify the DNA genes of twin babies specifically named Lulu and Nana.

These girls were only weeks old, after coming to the world by in vitro fertilization. But his scientific intervention is carried out by modifying their genes to avoid that at some point in their lives they can get AIDS.

There’s Still No Cure

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The scientist also clarified that he hasn’t yet found the solution or cure for genetic diseases. He simply discovered a way to avoid specifically contracting HIV. All of these was achieve after a long period of study, where Jiankui discovered that could do it deactivating the CCR5 gene, which is responsible for making HIV manifest in cells.

Undoubtedly, it has been news that may cause controversy, but it’s showing that scientific, medical and technological advances can achieve great things in society. Above all, what many people expect is a cure for serious illnesses that have affected so many people such as AIDS, cancer, and even the same genetic diseases.

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