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NASA Claimed DNA Ingredients Came from Space

Scientists are brilliant people who have a lot of power in their hands because they can create incredible things that we can ever imagine.

And this time wasn’t the exception. According to several reports, the scientists have carried out an experiment with DNA exactly with important components of its creation and are similar to those that have meteorites in space.

The Double-Helix Code

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All of this was achieved with the creation of 2-deoxyribose, a compound that works as a double helix code on earth. And in addition, everything was subjected to tests and comparisons with real meteorites that confirmed the invention of the scientists.

Even real meteorites were created to see how accurate their discovery and creation of the compound had been. Also using sugars derived from DNA as such.

NASA Did Its Own Investigation

astronaut space shuttle space walk - NASA Claimed DNA Ingredients Came from Space

Everything was carried out by the scientists of the NASA. They first started working with ice created with water and methanol, which were then bombarded with radiation to check their resistance.

And also, they verify that some components of the earth were created by things that are in space, such as comets, meteorites and many other things.

The most surprising of all is that this was an investigation that took more than 25 years, where various experiments were carried out to recreate the functioning and condition of how things in space have been of great importance in biology.

Everything Was Published

high angle view of a man - NASA Claimed DNA Ingredients Came from Space

The magazine Nature Communications, specialized in publications of scientists, was the means of communication that was used to publish this arduous research that took so many years to yield the component results.

In the same investigation, some other substances in space were also used as an experiment form, which is located in the molecules. But undoubtedly the ideal result was what they could obtain by producing sugars and components of space that function as the genetic code of life.

The meteorites were a key to the discovered result, especially the carbonaceous chondrites that make up the meteorite as such. And between one of the assumptions to which the researchers came, was that possibly components of life reached other planets in the same way.

Possibly many seem crazy or believe that it goes against any theory that’s in books and more. But it really is a great discovery that should be given great importance.

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