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Polonator is a website that is fully committed to reporting the latest discoveries and findings in modern medicine. With years being able to write content about these marvelous discoveries and discussing the future that can take medicine as we know today.

It started about five years when Polonator was only an idea, an idea to have a place where scientific discoveries about the relative importance of news in regards of medical discoveries could have their place in internet, as well with readers constantly visiting this website to learn about the new medical equipment and technology that we could have for the years to come.

With that being said we propose this project and finally, Polonator started as one of the best websites in the medical community since there isn’t a lot of websites that dedicate their content in the name of modern science and medicine.

With that, we aim our focus to be a website that can be more accessible to the readers that are only starting out in the world of medicine and want to keep their attention up.

With that, we follow our track to develop new ways to promote our content and as well, to write more about what we truly think that is important, and while there are a lot of interesting findings and content about modern medicine, there are a few discoveries that truly captivates our attention, so much that we have traced our work to these fields in medicine.

With this, we talk about the content of the human genome since is a fascinating subject for us that needs more media attention.

Not only we talk about human genome in our daily content, but we as well support the investigations that are currently taking place in regards to this fascinating subject of medicine and the boundaries that are breaking into what we know about modern science.

But that’s only a part of what it is Polonator, since we are always thrilled to be part of the medical community and give our share of information to the visitors of our website, since we always try to make our content more slow-and-easy.

In order to truly make it understandable to our readers and visitors, and help them get in the way of what it is the medicine of today.

For that and more, we are truly committed to being the best website about medicine of our times, and with our perseverance and effort as well with good content, we know that is only a matter of time until we reach our destination.

-Kiera Vaughan – CEO of Polonator.